Winners 2014

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Phoebe Stuckes (Commended)

West Somerset College


The act or instance of fighting a shadow or imagined enemy.

I hear the tv read
the stories of girls who look like me.

I am splayed again,
nothing but a microscopic thing.
A brittle carapace and wriggling limbs.

You grow larger, colossal, a granite man.
And I splintered,
I splinter again.

Sometimes I sleep and see you bloodied,
Collapsed at last for your sins against me.

As you walk this earth undisturbed.
I print half moons in my palms
I crumple you in my fists.

I am driven by shivers to watch us again,
I haul you out by the wrist.

© Phoebe Stuckes, 2014

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  • Date February 1, 2015
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