Longlisted Poem 2013

Raphaële Nutt

Bishop Challoner Catholic College, Birmingham

Waiting at the station

The steam and soot of the platform
Engulfed them in grimy embrace,
The lines of feet around them,
Jostling travellers for space:
Two girls awaiting a journey,
Excited, unsure, scared,
Each holding the hand of her mother.
Unknowing, unprepared.

The clamour of people around them,
The laughter, confusion, the cries.
Two girls, one blonde and one raven,
Neither can her excitement disguise;
‘Mama said it would be an adventure,’
‘Mama said I must be very good,’
‘Mama said we would all be OK there.’
Perhaps Mama had not understood?

One girl in her best coat and bonnet,
One girl in the coat that remained,
One girl with her dolls in her suitcase,
One girl’s missing toys unexplained,
One girl had a first class rail ticket,
One would not be travelling far,
One girl wore a pretty blue necklace,
One girl wore a bright yellow star.
© Raphaële Nutt

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  • Date January 13, 2015
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