Winners 2005

Shin Woo Kang (Commended)

Prior Park School, Bath

Thank You

Thank you
For keeping the air of music;
Had they flown away into the dark space
My sleepless nights would’ve been empty, unbelievably lonely.
With shooting stars that embroider starry night’s silky screen
You fill my window; and I dream without sleep.
You hold shiny particles of white sands, too;
My toes enjoyed the tickly warmth, thank you,
When I walked on the edge of smalt sea, another work of yours. Thanks.
Another thanks should I say for throwing me to the ground;
When my hasty chest was drawn unto your calm bosom,
I realised I was going too fast. You saved me.
By a magic you keep my feet on the ground;
I drop my jumbling thoughts and fragile minds; they fall, smash and shatter.
And thank you, most of all, for drawing her onto this small planet.
She must be extraterrestrial; the attraction is celestial, you know.
So thank you, thank you, thanks again –
You keep me sane, and water flows downwards.

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  • Date January 30, 2015
  • Tags 2005 Gravity - Winning Poems