Longlisted Poem 2014

Skye Brettell

Breadalbane Academy, Perth and Kinross

The Sound of Silence

My mother always said I had selective hearing:
When tea was ready, I’d hear,
A rustling sweetie wrapper, I’d hear,
The tinkling melody of the ice cream van, I’d hear,
But when the dishes needed done,
Or the school bell rang out,
Or a big person called me for bedtime,
To me it was the sound of silence.

That’s why now, now I’m all grown up,
When the news glares at me, and shouts,
That another drunk car hit another little boy,
And another earthquake tore apart another city
To pieces, like the bankers tore our economy,
And another cut stole another life,
And another shot did exactly the same,
To me it is the sound of silence.

And that’s why I stuck my fingers in my ears,
Like I was five once more and being told to sleep,
When the phone’s ring struck the air
With the news, like a punch, that shattered my everything,
Like my football shattered that window
When I was young and still unaware,
That in just one strike, your loud, laughing joy,
Can plunge into the sound of silence
© Skye Brettell

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  • Date February 10, 2015
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