Longlisted Poem 2013

Sophie Lewendon

Chatham and Clarendon Grammar School Federation, Ramsgate, Kent

The Blind Promise

Synthetic lights shielding from dark,
A silent end to the sermon’s lark.
Burning bulbs sprout into trees,
Draw in the light of the human plea.
We open windows whilst closing the door,
Give away to scratching claws.
Drowning in a flood of stories we tell,
Drink faith from palms of an insatiable well.
Never looking up. Never looking down.
Wishing for forgiveness. Wishing for the Crown.
‘The Thorns will cut deep and startle you,’
The pain is dark and revealing too.
I see a light as it whispers to me,
I see mankind grabbing hold of a key.
A confused army shifting feet,
As I hold the Truth they hope to meet.
Standing before them on the Promised plain,
Tempting the Parted waves to feign.
This, the Truth, in its cruellest form,
Is but a word five letters long.
Bleeding a sorrow unfathomable to most,
Casting of shadows and the Holy Ghost.
When I came to them: answering Prayers,
Bearing sinful fruit, destroying the dare.
Planting seeds of hope into vulnerable minds,
The day I unravelled the folds of mankind.
Words cannot define the life:
The love, the pain, the human light.
I close the door. I destroy the key.
Some details I cannot unsee.
A light so blinding I could see no cure,
Left in the backlash of this exceptional flaw.
I see the glory for all it truly is,
The Samaritan’s hope is a pointless myth.
Igniting a cold flame without a spark,
I know too much, an Eternal Mark.
The details of the human mind,
The way we hope for timeless time.
None of us can see the soulless plan,
The collapsing grave consuming man.
© Sophie Lewendon

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  • Date January 18, 2015
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