Longlisted Poem 2015

Sophie Trenear

Hitchin Girls’ School, Hertfordshire

The House on the Hill

Somehow these bars seem saddened
as if made of cloth and air
and have swum through the beatened clouds
like my ship sail
forever threaded on its insuperable steel
And I have searched the black night
lying behind the feathered bars, on some rusted instinct
playing, showing, telling.

For days, for nights, I have rested
on moss and on wicked thoughts —
on pieces of carbon —
and on daggers of bloody stars that whisper twilight.
And while this grated prison eats from my hands inwards,
from the cell aside, the
same is being done to him
from his liver outwards, Outwards

Somehow these bars have witnessed
danger and singing daggers
slowly drizzling their bricks to construct a house, yet
the cemented fear and sweat has yet to sing of home —
But he has used his years to
dedicate himself to this, to us. Sadly, sadly — I
shall not sing lightly of it.

Sometimes I hear him crying, calling
a Siren’s Song
and begs me to carve a hole
through to him to
reach out to him —

But he has carved these bars from
broken bottles and blackening promises like shards of
a bumptious mirror so

I must stay and listen and Listen.

© Sophie Trenear

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  • Date May 20, 2015
  • Tags 2015 Cells - Longlisted Poems