Longlisted Poem 2014

Sophie Waldron

Pate’s Grammar School, Gloucestershire

The Untold Story

There are two sides of every story;
One is in black and white, painfully purposeful,
Contorted in its comfort until it hardly comforts at all.
The other bleeds throughout
The spectrum; a saturated rainbow of sorts,
It clings to the pores of cheeks long-since dry
And cripples an entire decade with every careful breath.
In and out. In and out.

There are two sides to your story;
The kind they told me in warm blood, all those months ago,
And the kind I revealed, scrap by careful scrap,
One piece always missing.
They found out before me, did you know that?
Went ahead and formulated their fiction
Before I could envisage the truth, let alone translate it.
Consonant-vowel. Vowel-consonant.

There are two sides to every story;
One will never get told and I don’t blame them for that.
After all, they were interested in you for a week,
I, a lifetime,
With every word, I convince myself to accept your fate,
Like so many others must have done, sat at their tables,
Morning chaos conveniently drowning out the noise of a life ending.
Rustle, swish, rustle, crack.

There are two sides to your story;
One I shall cut out with shaking hands and pin to my wall,
Mourn the infinite years hacked away like the decisive sweep of a red pen
On an outdated calendar.
The other shall remain forever our little secret,
Buried in the earth too deep for their eager hands to find.
And that’s okay, You’ve always been far too colourful to immortalise
In endless black and white.
© Sophie Waldron

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  • Date February 10, 2015
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