Longlisted Poem 2013

Sufyen Buras-Stubbs

Sir John Deanes College, Cheshire

Meditations in Romania

I am that raceless classless pariah
Hovering emancipated in Charles de Gaulle or Schipol
I look desperately into the
Spotless pages of the Economist
Doesn’t Harry Reid look tired?  Don’t I?
Or is that Nancy Pelosi?
Democrats are so sexless lately

We circle Bucharest
At a number of feet I do not remember
and my chair is not comfy
In my head I list a plethora of
Fabrics I would prefer
Suppliers and distributers
It is 19:32
The lights of the city
Look like embers in a pipe
Upon which
I realise I am the cancer

I’m new
And there are no vices for me yet
But maybe soon
And I open my eyes
And we are at a restaurant
where they say unique
And interpretation and use oak on table tops
but do not understand why
I might say
‘Yes, this is better than the Negrescu’ or
‘I’ll have the same’
and I probably mean it
Because I am comfy
and not alone and clean
So why should I care
what Ginsberg says
or Fight Club for that matter?

The Danube weaves
through the land
and longs for its days
When sturgeon were bigger
When Ceausescu was dead
When Enescu wrote songs

So is my heart the Danube?
and if so
Am I man or river?
And if man where is
my kin?
And if river where do
I go?
© Sufyen Buras-Stubbs

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  • Date January 30, 2015
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