Longlisted Poem 2011

Sunny Solomons

Lancing College, Sussex

The World We Live In

Rising and falling like the soft scudding sea
The gusts of the heart float my thoughts
To the unchanging horizons of life.

Dreams may come to haunt the mind
Imagination making this world
A less simple home for man.

But still I follow the darkness
Instead of the promising stars
While the tide flows on

And on the rhythmic beating
The drum that never misses
A beat until the end of time.

Moments of passion; a book reread
Pull of the stomach for primitive bread
The instant forgetting of

Tastes on a tingling palette
That paint a picture
Of perfect content

From shadow to shadow
In a straight columned church
The hands turn

The wheels rattle
A line across the land
We eat, we drink, we sleep, we love.
© Sunny Solomons

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  • Date January 8, 2015
  • Tags 2011 Simplicity - Longlisted Poems