Winners 2001

Swithun Cooper (Commended)

Reading High School, Berkshire

Battered in Blue

The door slams shut – I walk from room to ruminate;
You, like bad movies and like good banking schemes
Have developed a shockingly low interest rate
Which I cannot meet. Now you have gone, it seems.

The shade of sea and sky becomes quite poignant:
We’re pretty in pink, but battered in blue.
To call this misery would be too lenient,
Something is missing, and I know it’s you.

I spend the evening drinking with a housemate,
We pass the drinks round one by one.
His name is Paranoia and his friends (Hate
And Jealousy) join us now you have gone

Which leaves me picking up romance’s litter:
Tonight, Matthew, I’m going to be bitter.

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  • Date January 27, 2015
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