Longlisted Poem 2013

Talia Tanner

Bede’s School, Hailsham, East Sussex

By Her Bedside

I sit by her bed, watching.
The uneaten breakfast – pancakes and maple syrup.
I remember…

Her smile as she eats her pancakes, the sun has now gone.
Her tinkle bell laugh when she sees something funny, the house is silent.
Her fresh blue eyes sparkle with curiosity, now dull.

The way her arms sway when she walks,
The little bounce when she is happy,
Fluffy kangaroo slippers, shuffling when in trouble,
Now she is motionless, stuck in a bed, crisp white sheets

But now you don’t see.  Then you remember.
She drinks her apple juice before her cereal.  Now she’s fed through a tube.
She flicks her hair when she is upset.  Now her hair is short and dank.
The one step in the house she always skips.  Now her legs are still, no skipping for her.
The ring on her third finger, she twists.  Now no rings, but we watch her fingers.

Dark blond hair with a hint of red in the sun.
Pale white skin, a few freckles on her arms.
Pointy feet, almost like a dancer.

I look down at my feet, pointy just like my sister’s,
But I am dancing, and she is not.
© Talia Tanner

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  • Date January 5, 2015
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