Longlisted Poem 2012

Thomas Folley

Harrow School, London


They dragged me through my old haunts
en route for the light
entertainment and the allure of the cinema that
made my youth.

On every childhood screen was glitter, and I dreamt of
the man who gathered the colour
like gold-dust and sprinkled a thousand galaxies
on each and every frame.

There is always the light of revelation on the voyage
between lived lives, and the way back
was no different, with the sweep of my feet
calling sparks from the dirt.

They had a fireworks display here, and each and every
firework exploded over the night sky
of both my worlds.
I could have been there watching fifteen years ago

seeing the red thorns pierce the flesh of pulsing
silver and bronze hearts,
I might have seen a meteor of blue fire crawl up
the black canvas of my movie night,

it would have shattered on through that unseen barrier
it took me sixteen years to cross
and bordered on both my skies, and died up in the air,
light then fading from our eyes

as we breathe a collective sigh and watch pink hail fall
over assorted trees
we share and the bonfires bright as a bulb below.
The frames of that night are still burnt into

the back of my eyes, and the rest of my days,
the gather of my collected sighs.
© Thomas Folley

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  • Date January 23, 2015
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