Victory 7 May 2015

Surfacing (as one does occasionally)
Imagine my surprise
To be a decade older. 10 years, gone.
Forget about it, some say drunkenly,
As if a gin-soaked, general amnesia
Were better than confessing to the long
Catalogue of lies,

Bluffs, and half-truths cluttering your career:
It’s not all bad! You have your reputation!
Back in St. Stephen’s Tavern,
A landlord wipes vomit off cracked tiles.
Half the unhappy skyscrapers of London
Loom their magnificence over the dark water.
Night buses crawl homewards through the miles.

And now what happened to happen
Is just a distance, dulled into a blur.

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  • Date July 9, 2015
  • Tags Paul Abbott Victory 7 May 2015