Winners 2013: First Prize

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Azfa (Ali) Awad

Oxford Spires Academy


1 Killindoni

In my hometown:
I felt the rough sand
scrub against my feet;
chased salty orange crabs
who pinched my pinkie tight; so by firelight,
I would crunch into lemon-seeping shells,
feel the faint texture of sand resting on my tongue.

2 Refugee on a Motorway
Clutch the parcel of clothes
balancing on your head,
stare at the cluttered road ahead
with your Kanga
wipe off beads of sweat.
With trembling legs,
brush past the first car’s face:
enter the metal maze,
feel the hot steel
crush you into a flower.
See the world like a
white square tower
turn into a haze.
Let your skin shed its brown
and instead become blue,
violet, pomegranate red.

3 Scotland
In my country:
I grew up in the Gorbals,
with Kwiksave, the Junkies,
and chucking snowballs;
watching fireworks
on the eighth floor of my council flat,
listening to the bangs and cracks;
watching the orange flames
flower out.

©  Azfa Ali