Something to be Said

Poems from the Tower Poetry Summer School 2014

Edited by Jane Griffiths and David Wheatley, participants who contributed to Something to be Said were

Luke van den Barselaar
Flora de Falbe
Sarah Fletcher
James Giddings
Dominic Hand
Alex Shaw
Jasmine Simms
Phoebe Stuckes
Azra Tabassum
Masha Voyles
Jessica Walker
Jessing Watthems
Jay G Ying


Lies and Lullabies; Anniversary; Homesickness – Fox; Eroica; Libra – Clock-Watching; This Is a Love Poem – Love Note in an Origami Swan; Girl Two Doors Over With The Yellow Coat; Having Never Laid in a Hammock; The Man With The DeLorean Heart – Shuttered; Footnote to an Ending; Annunciation – Polite Notice; Roker Song; Ten Commandments for Curlers – Lessons in Singing Requiems; Dear Tuba Teacher; School – Seasick; Lycanthropy – Red Riding Hood; Icarus – The rooftops; JAWS SMILEY – Bicycles; Henry, I can see you hiding there – Yn Y Stryd; Bed Time; Lads Holiday! Lads Lads Lads; Seaside B and B – The Translator.

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ISBN  978-0-9549932-9-0/ Published 2015

‘‘These are poems not just of promise but achievement: they invite the reader’s attention, and having won it are slow to let it go.’
From the Preface

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