Tower Poetry and the Clutag Press

In 2005 Tower Poetry’s sponsorship of Clutag Press helped publication of

Geoffrey Hill*, A Treatise of Civil Power (2005)
John Fuller, The Solitary Life (2005)
Seamus Heaney, A Shiver (2005)
Anne Stevenson, A Lament for the Makers (2006)
Mick Imlah, Diehard (2006)
Tom Paulin, The Camouflage School (2007)
Paul Abbott, Flood (2008)

From Andrew McNeillie’s blog

*’It was momentous for me to meet him at last. I did so at Christ Church, Oxford, in Peter McDonald’s rooms. A devoted reader of his work for decades by then, I was awestruck and pretty well tongue-tied before him, no matter he was extremely benign and twinkly-eyed towards me. For his part, Geoffrey could always be difficult to stir into conversation, at the best of times. Though once launched he was invariably magnificent and often Hill-arious. I can’t remember a word that was said on that first occasion but arrangements were made. There would be a publication, a pamphlet. Peter McDonald oversaw an arrangement with the Christopher Tower Trust whereby funds were to be used to further poetry’s cause. So for the first and only time Clutag received a significant grant which comfortably enabled several pamphlet publications including what became Hill’s A Treatise of Civil Power (2005).’